This is how the Church of Scientology has responded to Fair Game by Steve Cannane, which Silvertail is very proud to be publishing in the UK, US and Canada:

This book is like a hate crime generating prejudice, malice and potential aggression against members of a religion that has a more than 55 year history in Australia. In a country that respects religious freedom, Mr Cannane is proselytizing religious intolerance and hatred.

None of the Church’s good works are unconditionally recognized whilst the few gratuitously mentioned are cloaked in vicious barbs to denigrate them.

That tax payer dollars were used (through the government funded ABC) compounds the abuse and hatred intended by this book. The falsehoods are too many to comment on other than they are a disservice to the decades of hard work and dedication by the many thousands of Australians that are volunteer staff and parishioners of the Church of Scientology who want nothing more than to continue to practice their religion and to help their families and local communities.

The claims regarding these individuals are ludicrous and have no basis in fact.

Mr Cannane how lowered his journalist standards to the level of a tabloid gossip columnist.

And this is the last paragraph of a review of the book in last weekend’s The Saturday Paper in Australia:

No one from the Church of Scientology agreed to be interviewed by Cannane, and their lawyers, like those of Tom Cruise, flatly denied all allegations. But Cannane has been scrupulous in his pursuit and documentation of the evidence for his claims, conducting countless interviews and examining thousands of pages of legal and other documents. Fair Game has more than 30 pages of densely typed endnotes. A number of people – big names as well as smaller players – have spoken about their experiences here for the first time, at considerable risk to themselves. Cannane would be all too aware that publication makes him and his collaborators “fair game” – this is a book that is as brave as it is good.

We advise anyone unsure of which is correct to buy the book, read it, and make up their own minds.