We Are The Cops


We Are The Cops is an adrenalin-fuelled ride through the lives of America’s police, told in the authentic voices of the cops themselves.
The journey begins with the rookie’s first day on the job, and moves through the heartbreak of officers dying in the line of duty, the bloody reality of policing savage gang wars, the devastating consequences of drug crime, a gut-wrenching cop’s eye view of 9/11, and even an encounter with a runaway gorilla called Little Joe.
These real life stories from crime fighting’s front line come from cops of every rank, from chiefs to street cops, working in big cities and small towns all over the US. The result is a stunning montage of brutal, funny and sometimes tragic true events which paints a vivid and unforgettable portrait of life as an American cop.


‘We Are The Cops chronicles the true stories of police officers who tell it like it really is. This book is an excellent corrective to the Hollywood version of cops and crime. The cops in this book tell stories, in their own voices, that are by turns horrifying and humorous, enlightening and heartbreaking. A revealing look at what goes on in the squad room and on the street.’
Miles Corwin, internationally bestselling author of The Killing Season

‘I really love We Are The Cops. It’s authentic from the first page: serving police officer Michael Matthews takes us on a ride along deep into uncharted cop land. These are stories told one cop to another – raw, unfiltered and funny. From public sex and Cheetos one minute to gut-wrenching adrenalin in America’s worst precincts the next, it’s both laugh-out-loud hilarious and moving. My must-read book for anyone who likes their cops and robbers with a human face.’
Jane Bussman, author of The Worst Date Ever

‘It’s not just coffee and donuts…a real eye-opener.’
John Donoghue, author of Police, Lies and Alibis

We Are The Cops is available here.