‘One of the most profoundly disturbing novels you’ll ever read’ Tod Goldberg, author of Gangsterland

‘Subversively erotic and suspenseful’ Booklist, Starred Review

Jasper Ulrickson, beloved memoirist and crime novelist, is a good and decent man—devoted husband to his paralysed wife and loving father to their four-year-old child. Despite their challenges, the Ulricksons are happy.
Then Jasper learns of the daughter he fathered eighteen years earlier, a beautiful young woman named Chloe, whose mother recently passed away. She needs her father and so Jasper welcomes her into his family and their home.
Celibacy, sexual denial and marital fidelity are the traits for which Jasper has been celebrated by fans the world over. But he now learns—to his horror—that these supposed virtues have never been truly tested.
That a man could feel such unnatural, horrible urges is unthinkable to Jasper. But then, Jasper does not know all of Chloe’s story…
A risk-taking, controversial and courageous novel, Undone is an unforgettable thriller-cum-satire which will be relished by fans of Michel Houellebecq, John Niven and Patricia Highsmith.

‘You might call Undone a Lolita for the DNA-age…Undone stretches credulity like taffy, mostly because it can: the dominant mood here is social and psychological satire, not realism. Colapinto exploits it all brilliantly, taking considerable risks along the way.’ Emily Donaldson, The Toronto Star

‘Undone casts a very specific spell: It enthrals and horrifies simultaneously… it’s a pseudo-incestuous thriller, a noir that, like Francine Prose’s Blue Angel and Philip Roth’s American Pastoral, details the unravelling of the moral American man and his world.’ The Globe and Mail

‘The book reads like something at the juncture of literary fiction and a domestic thriller; Colapinto’s facility with language allows for passages of evocative description and insight… It’s a novel to be torn through, waiting to see what depravities will happen next, and why.’ Huffington Post