American Ruin


When Michael Matthews first visited Detroit, he was grimly fascinated by the place. The sheer scale of the crime and desolation was unlike anything he had seen before. He was hooked, and returned whenever he could. Over dozens of visits, he got to know the people – cops, reporters and gang members as well as ordinary Detroiters trying to live their lives in peace – and formed deep bonds with them, which led him into places and situations no writer has ever seen before.

American Ruin is the story of Michael’s journey into the soul of this damaged city, a shocking, violent and heart-breaking portrayal of a modern tragedy.

Detroit was once the richest city in America, celebrated around the world for its prolific car production and flourishing music scene – the American Dream come true.

Then came its fall. Detroit became the deadliest place in America, with more murders per capita than any other major city in the country. With drugs and guns rife on the streets and its administration riddled with corruption, the city was dying and anyone who could was getting out.

American Ruin is an explosive portrait of a city trying desperately to get back on its feet and the people prepared to give everything for their home.

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