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by admin on November 08, 2013
Published November 2013
When Paul Apowida was a baby, his parents and several other family members died suddenly. His terrified community in northern Ghana believed Paul was an evil spirit responsible for the deaths – in line with their deep-rooted cultural beliefs – and if he was allowed to live, the spirit would strike again. So Paul was poisoned and left outside to die in the heat of the African sun. But he survived that attempt on his life, along with two more, all made before he turned five. After being smuggled to a children’s home hundreds of miles away, Paul did more than just survive – he grew up to become a successful artist and a decorated soldier who served in Afghanistan with the British Army. He then helped stop the horror of what was done to him happening to any other child in the parts of Ghana where the phenomenon is found. In Spirit Boy, his inspiring and deeply moving memoir, Paul tells how he uncovered the story of his origins and reveals how he made a future for himself. His remarkable life shows a side of Africa rarely seen by the rest of the world.
‘It is a miracle that Paul survived. His story is inspirational and shows clearly that out of deep suffering creativity can grow and flourish.’ TERRY WAITE CBE
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